Friday, June 24, 2011

Nash County Search & Rescue Training

Seven playing Soccer!
On June 5th Lillian had invited me to bring my mules to the Nash County Search & Rescue training class she was holding at her farm. I arrived a little late because I had a long day on Saturday Judging a horses show. I arrived and found a rider for Sadie and we joined right in with the formation work! Then it was on to some protection training. Lillian acted like an attacker and Sadie and I reacted to drive her way from the mule! Some news reporters where there and caught a super photo of this. It ended up as the cover story photo on the local Rocky Mount news paper.After a nice lunch break we stepped things up and started with some obstacle training. We crossed mattresses, between flares, over tarps and all kinds of things. Later in the day we introduce the mules and horses to a giant soccer ball. We got to play with this for a while which was great fun. Everyone got very competitive with it! Sadie was not too sure about the ball and was so funny when she grabbed her rear end and scooted off away from the ball when it ran up behind her! Of course never loosing her rider! At the end of the day I decided I would like to join the group. Lillian paid us the highest compliment by saying "The Mules Stole The Show!"
Seven leads the group through the Flares!
Seven also led the group across the mattresses.

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