Monday, May 16, 2011

The Clipper Saga!

After waiting a little too late to clip the mules I decided today was the day! (April24th) So I got up that morning and washed the two mules and one very unhappy donkey! Once dry from the sunshine and well sprayed down with Show Sheen I decided to start with Mr. Hairy himself, Navarre. The clippers started up and I ran them through some hair and, NOTHING. I was not happy. Once I got them stopped, I saw the problem. One of the flexing arms that help the blades move back and forth was broken. fixing that!
So all that washing was for not! I took them to UPS on Monday and mailed them off to be repaired. This can take several weeks and this was not the first time that a set of clippers had broken at an inopportune time so I decided that I would purchase a second pair. I ordered those clippers that same day. I found a great deal that offered a free set of trimmers when you ordered the body clippers. I wanted the clippers to be delivered as soon as possible so I gave them my work address and was told that Fed-X would be delivering them. After several days went by I called to check on the shipment. I was told that the package was returned to the shipper. Apparently the shipping type was for Fed-X to get the shipment to the main town and for the US Post office to deliver it to the actual address. The US Post office doesn't deliver here because we are considered on Campus. I still don't understand why they could not look up the address and or call me to come and pick up the clippers, no wonder they are in so much financial trouble. The postman I spoke with was no help and I actually hung up on him because he kept trying to explain to me "how the post office works". I called DOVER Saddlery to let them know about the problem. I was so happy with their customer service. The lady who answered the phone was the one who took care of the whole problem. She check to see that the product was still in stock and shipped it to me two-day with no extra charge. This time we decided to have the package sent to my home address. She put in a request for the package to be left on my door with no signature. So the plan was the package would be on my door step when I got home from work on Friday! That way I could work on the mules all weekend!
Upon arriving home on Friday I found a slip in my mail box. It stated that the package was not delivered because the Driver felt that it was too high a traffic area. Angry and frustrated does not even start to describe how I felt at this time. I called Fed-X and requested that the driver return with my package but I knew there was little chance of this. So Saturday AM I had to drive a total over 60 miles round trip to pick up my clippers from the main office. Needless to say I had a few works with the Manager. He was very understanding and said he would have a word with the driver. Especially when I described to him where I live! So I spent the rest of Saturday getting all the hair off of my long ears! The looked so nice and I am sure felt so much better after it being so extra hot this Spring. The repair clippers turn up on Tuesday! They almost beat the new clippers to my door! Below is Navarre, Seven and Sadie after their Spring Clipping!!

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