Friday, April 22, 2011

Chester Has A New Home!

Nancy & Tonya with Chester
Sometimes all the stars a-line and something really cool just falls together! Chester has a new home. I got an email forwarded from Holly two weeks ago about a lady named Nancy, who has a big farm and her Poitou Donkey (her first Equine) was injured and had to be put down. So she, was looking for another donkey to be friends with the other donkey who lives at the farm, named Arvid. He is owned my Tonya who used to be a CMA member. Nancy said she looked around and found lots of small or mini donkeys, but did not want something that small and then found some larger donkeys, but only younger ones and really wanted something more Arvid's age (15).
I email his history and photos about Chester, and they decided they would like to try him out. I took him over Wednesday last week. When we got there Chester seemed to like the people, place and seemed like he felt safe right away. He was turned out with Arvid and two other ponies. They ran around just a little and would turn to sniff each others hind ends and do half hearted kicks and then turn away. They slowly got closer and closer..... When I left Chester did not even seem to notice, which I was sad about but also thought it was good. Nancy has a wonderful farm with some other rescue horses and several of nearly every other farm/pet you can have.
Today I got an email update and the report was that he is doing well and that Arvid and another horse that really likes donkeys, really like him. She said in her email "He's a Keeper!"
I am so happy for Chester! It has left a big hole in my heart and my farm and I miss seeing his sweet face every morning at breakfast!
The first BIG sniff!
Chester and Arvid consider being friends!

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