Monday, July 19, 2010

A Visit From Some Friends!

Phyllis and Joan with Navarre.

On June 12th two of my friends I met while working at the College of Veterinary Medicine came by for a visit, Phyllis and Joan! We finally got together and they made their way out to the Red Mule Farm to meet the mules and donkeys. They brought carrots and soon made fast friends with each one of my long ears! Phyllis's family had mules when she was growing up and you could tell because we was very comfortable around them. We took some photos but did not hang out too long because, as usual this year, it was VERY HOT! I had tied the mules and donkeys under the big oak tree in the front yard and we did have a light breeze. Joan and Phyllis took turns leading the mules and then the donkeys out to the pasture, then we went out for a nice ladies lunch at the local steak house! It was so nice to visit with them both and be able to finally introduce them to my long eared herd! Thanks so much for coming to visit and for lunch ladies!

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