Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mustang Update!

In October of 2009 I met a nice family at the Best of America By Horseback Ride at Leatherwood. I was really impressed with their daughter Kaitlyn. She is one of the best riders I have ever seen and is only 15 years old. She placed second in the advanced trail challenge class I hosted with a horse she trained herself. That got the wheels turning in my head. I asked if Kaitlyn might be looking for a project. The anwser was yes, a younger horse she could start herself and train. After much considering on both of our parts and a meeting in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot, Kaitlyn had herself a great project. My mustang (Whom I just have not had time for) Buckshot. He seemed to like her right away and I could not wait to see what the two of them would accomplish!
January I emailed Kaitlyn to see how they are getting along! I was so happy to get this report:
Buckshot's doing great!! He loves his new pasture buddy Misty! I've only got to work him a few times until we got 2 feet of snow. It's very interesting to see how different he is from the other horses! (But in a good way) The first night we put them in the barn for the snow, he figured out a way to lift the stall gate off the hinges and let himself out! Then he decided to share the bag of treats with all the others by flinging the bag around while he walked up and down the aisle. Other then that he's been wonderful! I thought I'd send you a few pictures. I've decided to keep his name Buckshot since he already knows it. Thank you so much again! ~Kaitlyn

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