Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday Party for a Poitou Donkey?

Yes, it just happens that Navarre's Birthday is the same day as mine, Oct. 26th, also National Mule Day. Do we need any more excuses for a party? I did not think so!
Many thanks to my parents for making a special trip to come to the party and help me get everything ready!
Many thanks to Molly for coming a day early to also help get things ready!!

Many thanks to all my great friends who attended and brought such great food to share and surprised me with presents too! We all had a great time despite the cold, wind and rain.
It did clear up enough for Sadie Mae to give two pony rides to the kids, Tyler and Naomi who showed up!
To answer your burning question Navarre was 2 years old and Shannon turned another year older, but not any big miles stone numbers!

Thanks everyone! Shannon

Poitou Donkey Navarre and Shannon
Mom and Dad!

Lisa, Shannon & Bev

Navarre's Cake!

Pony rides!

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