Wednesday, September 9, 2009

AQHA Ride at Pocahontas State Park, VA

Early Sunday Morning, August 30th I headed North to Pocahontas State Park with Seven for an AQHA Trail Ride. I was excited to be able to see my long time friend Cathette Plummer who is in charge of the ride. I was the second person to arrived with a horse trailer and was happy to have a warm but not hot day! Seven watched my every move as I walked over to the sign in table and checked in.

The day was to start with a Trail Challenge in the arena. As quite a few horse showed up I got in line for my turn. We had to carry a bucket from one place to the other and check mail in a mail box, which Seven did well. Then cross to another area to drag a log and then show your equine was not afraid of a rain slicker. Then you had to jog towards three cones that were placed very close together. You needed to do some tight turns and make an S shape to get through them. Seven and I practiced that a bit before entering! He did it well and cantered out of the ring!

Then we where off to the ride! As we started off I led about 25 horses across the parking lot at a good walking clip. The horses soon started jigging and jogging and getting all bunched up so I let them all pass me and Seven just held his steady fast walk! I was very pleased with him for holding his walk!

I met up with a trial guide and she asked if she could ride along with me. She was surprised when I asked her if her horse was an Icelandic Horse. She said most people don't know what breed of horse she is. She was a very cute dark sorrel color named Diva and walked quickly along with Seven even though she was only 14 hands.

As we came along the trail their were several stations with a Judge and other trail obstacles like backing between two trees, passing a bike, etc. It was a really nice long ride and we returned just in time to get some lunch and listen to a presentation about Pocahontas State Park and talk to some people who came with Indian artifacts and information about the local tribe in the area.

After lunch the placings for the Trail Challenge was announced. Seven and I got 3rd place and we received a ribbon and I got to pick out a nice pair of earrings! Susan riding Diva and Me with Seven headed out for a second ride in the cooler forest.

Thanks so much Cathette! This was another well organized and great ride! It was so nice catching up with you and seeing you new horse trailer.

I headed back and had quite an adventure in the parking lot of a Wendy's Fast Food while trying to get dinner. Lucky for me some nice ladies moved their car for me to be able to make a sharp turn or I might still be sitting in that parking lot!!

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