Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grayson Highlands Ride 09

This trip was wonderful!
Mom and I had a great time with Bev and her visiting grandson on Tuesday. My mules got to stay in one of Bev's luxury pastures with lots of grass while we ran around West Jefferson, shopping and having dinner. I bought a wind chime that was made of tin cups, spoons and forks with a few beads for decoration. This was a big hit in the camp!

Then we moved to Grayson Highland camp ground on Wednesday. We arrived and got the camp set up and the mules in the stable just in time for the rain to hit! Good timing! So others in the camp came over and we visited under the awning!

With no other rain the rest of the weekend, we had some good days to ride. Thursday we rode out and promptly rode into a cloud! Most everyone was wearing jackets and it was damp till we rode down to a lower level. Friday's ride was nine hours. We rode to The Saddle and towards Elk Garden. We came out and rode through a nice section of a country area with some houses and a church. The started climbing the longest hill ever. I think it went on for 45 minutes. We climbed through some Christmas tree farms and up to a beautiful view!
Saturday's Ride was 10 hours! Boy were we tired but happy! We rode down to Bald Eagle Rock for lunch and on the way their we got a great look at a bear!! He came across the trail right in front of the leaders of the ride and went into the woods about 40 feet, then stood to watch us go by. Everyone in the group got to see him but no one got a photo! He was really black and woolly with a big brown nose. The whole time we wore jackets and sweat shirts and the trails where full of Blue Berry and Black Berry Bushed. You could just ride by and grab a few Blue Berry's as you went.

On Sunday Mom rode Sadie Mae and we saw a bunch of wild ponies. We went to the Scales (a camp ground) and then to the ice cream shop. Mom did great and said she was finally able to relax and have a good time. (5 hours) Sadie was an angel!
An older mule on the trip got cold after the ride on Thursday. She was shivering all over. So we walker her to get her warm and put a blanket on her. Then gave her some electrolytes and a warm grain mash! That fixed her up!
Seven some how got a tiny cut on his front leg just above the fetlock. I think he got it rolling on a rock or something, of course it promptly swelled up! I put DMSO on it Wednesday night but that did not help it. So I got some bute and mixed some furison and DMSO with a Wal-Mart shopping bag and a leg wrap over night and that finally broke it open and let the swelling come out. I was so worried that is was going to get infected. He was never lame and only got one day off.
Also my friend Karen had a very scary reaction to we think Ibuprofen! Brenda woke me up at 2AM needing Benydril (Which me the girl scout had lots of) then we sent her down the hill to the hospital. She got worse on the way down (hard time breathing, itching and then shaking) and so they called 911 and was directed to an EMT station where they gave her a shot and some pills. She was back my 6AM and feeling better. Scary when you are that far from everything!
I think I need to take a Vet Med and EMT course!!!

Mom and I got home about 9PM on Sunday night! It was so hot we discussed wanting to go back up on the mountain!! The forecast for Monday was 101 degrees with the heat index of 105!

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