Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Break? No rest for those having fun!

Spend a few great days with my family in Virgina for Christmas! I got to meet my friend Cricket and her Husband Joe's baby girl Charley! Too Cute! I also made my yearly visit to see Cricket's 30 year old horse Merlin! Still going strong!
I had to return home because my mulesitter was leaving to see her family. I returned on the 27th and then rode with my friend Jane on the 28th around the farm. Then we met Claudia and Jack for a ride at Goldmine in Louisburg. Claudia borrowed Sadie Mae for the ride to try mule trail riding! Jane was ready to ride way before us so she and Val read Western Mule Magazine while they waited! Claudia and I got our photo taken in front of an old plantation house just off from the trails.

The next morning Seven and I took off for Holly and Bruce Fisher's in Columbus, NC. After the fiver hour drive we rode the trails for four and a half with Holly's friend Bob. We had a nice dinner and then hit the bed early! Wednesday is was very cold and extremly windy. We rested and I did some clipping and grooming on Seven! At 3Pm that afternoon we headed over to a lovley arena to meet Gretchen VerBonic a high level dressage Judge who Holly had gotten me a lesson with. She was very open to Seven being a mule and gave us a lot to work on! She gave Seven a very good complement when she said that she likes his True trot. She also liked his Canter, when I did not get in his way!
Thank you Holly and Gretchen for this wonderful oppertunity!

I finished my visit by taking another 5 hour tail ride with Holly and Bob. We rode in an area called Rondo Hill, we came across these Bamboo Trees and I just had to have my photo taken! One of my friends I showed it to told me it looked like Seven and I where deep in the heart of Asia!
After this is was home again and some house work before going back to work to get some rest!

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