Friday, November 7, 2008

2008 Birthday and National Mule Day

I had a great Birthday, had fun all weekend, taking Seven to two mule shows.

Friday night we left and tried to beat the sun going down and the rain starting. We did and I got all settled in my bed when the rains came. Seven stayed mostly dry because I let him camp under the awning. He kept standing with his rear end sticking out and got that part of him soaked!

Denton Farm Park in Denton, NC holds a nice Mule and Draft horse day the end of October. They have crafts for sale, demonstrations of wood cutting, singing, dancing and of course plowing and a mule show. They also have a full sized steam train and 3 miles of track. It is a very relaxing and neat place to be. There were some really nice mules from Ohio there so the competition was deep. I was pleased with Seven’s rides especially since we had not practiced very much. Seven got a third in the trail class!

At Noon they had a planned robbing of the General Store that was about 200 feet from where we were having the mule show. We stopped the show but most of us just stood around with our mules. The mules did great with all the gun fire! I jumped more than Seven did! As the actors moved towards the Church at the end of the little “main street” a little rabbit came running out from under the church. Of course that caught everyone’s attention. He ran right in front of me and Seven and under Karen’s horse trailer and then darted across the arena and into the woods. Poor thing was scared to death! The whole crowd laughed and watched the rabbit rather than the show!

I did get to play with my friend James McLamm’s trick mule's toys on Sat afternoon. With me on the ground Seven jumped up on a pedestal about 2 1/2 foot high and put his front feet up on a small dinner plate sized one too. I was very proud of him. That Chris Cox "Direct and Drive" and the words Load Up did the trick! He also crossed a teeter –totter bridge for me several times.

At the State Fair show on Sunday, we lost steering before the Ranch riding class and then the Right lead went out before the reining, but it is all good because we did not, but came close, run over the Judge!Seven gets tired and wants to go home and things the out gate is much more appealing than what ever we are doing in the ring. Need less to say we did some schooling on right hand turns and right leads after the last class.
I got home around 8:30 and got mostly unpacked! Time to clean the trailer out, get some wash done and start packing for Leatherwood!!! YEA!!!

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